What Is Temp Mail?

What Is Temp Mail?

In this article, we want to tell you what is Temp Mail and how you can get one easily under 5 minutes. There are many dispose temporary mail available that you can get some fresh email address and use it in the internet. Imagine that you decided to download a new fresh special movie, and you are asked to enter your Email address. And for some reason you do not want to indicate your work address. Or just imagine that you register on some website for 5 minutes, or you need idle mail for a questionnaire in the store to receive a discount card – so that you can log in once and forget forever. At this point, it makes sense to have Temp Mail for 5 minutes. That is, all those companies that sent me ads without demand – could you just give them addresses that work for several minutes? Yes. For this reason, a Temp Mail was invented – so that you can receive a letter, for example, within a day, and no longer use such addresses.

Why We Need To Use Temp Mail?

Because there are marketing companies that once received a mail address, no longer let a person out of their hands and continue to send and send letters. At the dawn of the Internet, this was decided by blocking individual domains or IP addresses, but now mailing is done through special services with whole “clips” of addresses, each of which sends hundreds of letters and changes. In general, disposable mail is a great way to protect your main mailbox from unnecessary garbage. Both on the Internet and when filling out paper forms in stores. Therefore, it is good practice to use temporary or one-time mail every time you can do this. Moreover, it is very simple and convenient – even sometimes faster than checking your own mail.

Which Website Provides Temp Mail?

There are not so few of them, for example, Protectmyemail.net, temp-mail.org, mailforspam.com, 10minutemail.com and so on. We review two of them right here :


temp mail Protectmyemail.net is one of the new websites that provides temp mail . this website has the fastest Mail Server between all temp mail websites which makes you to receive emails so fast ; another good feature in this website is that there is no advertisement , this website is fascinating on loading and also it keeps email for one day for you. There’s a new feature that let’s you chose a username for your fakemail on this site ! .


Most famous website between all temp mail sites. You can you this site to get a simple temporary email address but it shows you so many annoying advertisements. this website won’t let you to choose a username like protectmyemail.net .

temp-mail.org   sources : wikipedia


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